When to Outsource Your Duplication Needs

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Many offices today have very good copy machines that can make high-quality copies and which pick up lots of detail, and they can often handle odd sizes or unusual papers as well. However, there are times when it's best to outsource your duplication needs, either for large jobs or just something smaller and for your personal use. Note when this is and why it can be good to have another company manage certain copying or duplication needs.


The appearance of your resume is very important, as it's the first impression a potential employer will have about you. If your résumé is smudged or smeared or certain parts are lighter than others, this can make a very poor impression. In turn, you may never even get an interview for a job no matter what is on your resume, simply because of how it looks. A good duplication company can make high-quality copies of your resume on thick paper that may seem more professional, and also ensure that anything you have on the resume such as a photo or separator lines all show up very clearly.

Marketing materials

As with resumes, your marketing materials are often the first impression that people get about your company. You don't want to risk having them smudge or smear as soon as someone touches them, or having them fade in transit when you mail them out. It's also good to ensure that every detail of your marketing material stands out, including photographs of your product, colors of your logo, the fine print you need to include, and other such items. These may not be as crisp and legible when you use your own copy machine and especially if you print your materials on shiny paper that is likely to smudge, so use a professional company for these instead.

Very large jobs

Why send very large jobs to a professional duplication service when your own machine at the office might handle it? The time it takes to make all those copies is one thing; even the best of machines may get jammed and will need new paper, so there is always someone who needs to monitor the job as it's being done, and your staff probably has better things to do with their time. The professional duplication service might also offer other services that are worth paying for, such as tri-folding letters and marketing materials and even stuffing envelopes. These large jobs can get done quickly when you outsource them and, in turn, save you time and also wear and tear on your machines.