5 Features You Need If You Want Your Print Banner to Last as Long as Possible

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Buying a print banner can be an investment, and the right banner on the front of your shop can help attract people through your doors. If you are hanging a banner on the outside of your store, you want it to last as long as possible. When choosing your banner, consider these features.

1. Vinyl

Stay away from paper and even canvas. If you want a print banner that can withstand the elements, you should opt for vinyl—that can survive rain storms, snow and other issues. This material also allows you to print nearly any message with a range of colours, logos and designs on it.

2. UV-Resistant Coating

To protect your print banner against the degrading effects of the sun's UV rays, you may also want to consider a coating on your banner. The printer can add a liquid clear coat or varnish to canvas or vinyl banners. If you opt to use a paper banner, you need to have the printer laminate it or add an aerosol spray lacquer to it.

3. Matte Finish

Generally, if you opt for a varnish or coating, you get a choice between matte or glossy finishes. Ideally, if you want your message to be seen by as many people as possible, you want a matte finish. Glossy finishes reflect the light, and that can make it hard for people to see what your banner says. On the other hand, matte finishes soften the glare. That doesn't directly help your banner to last longer, but it does improve its usefulness during its lifetime.

4. Reinforced Grommets

In many cases, the banner itself can survive all kinds of elements, but the first bit of damage that tends to happen is with the grommets. Grommets are the small holes that you run rope or chains through to hang the banner from your building. You don't want those to rip because that renders the banner virtually useless. To avoid that, you need reinforced grommets.

5. An Evergreen Message

Finally, when trying to choose a banner that will last as long as possible, you need to take the message into consideration. Ideally, you should choose an evergreen message. That means that the message stays relevant just like evergreen trees stay green all year long.

For instance, you don't want to advertise a temporary sale or market products that you may run out of. Instead, you want to promote items or ideas that will stand the test of time.