Designing A Custom Food Label For Vegan Food

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Veganism is becoming an increasingly popular trend in Australia. If you have decided to start a vegan food delivery service, you may not have considered how you can customise the cartons and containers you use to store the food. One of the easiest ways to customise vegan food containers is to stick custom labels on them. Below is a guide to 3 things you should do when designing custom food labels for your vegan food business.

Make your business stand out

Many major food manufacturers produce packaging which is very similar in style and colour. This is often because other brands attempt to copy the design of the market-leading product. As a smaller food supply company, you can take advantage of this by designing a custom label which makes your product stand out. To do this, you may decide to opt for a colour of label which is different from other health food brands.

Express what makes your product special

Many people are interested in the vegan lifestyle because they are concerned about their impact on the environment and about the wellbeing of animals. For this reason, it is important that you use your food label to express what makes your product special. There are different ways of doing this. For example, you may wish to write something about what inspired you to produce the range of vegan food which you are offering for sale. Alternatively, you may wish to write about the organic farms from which you source the ingredients for your meals. Whatever you do, you should be certain to distinguish your product from the rest of the vegan meals on the market.

Include location and contact details for your shop

Even if you sell the majority of your meals online, you should always include details of your shop. Doing so will allow you to build your brand and will encourage people to visit you in person. Nothing helps to build a brand more than face-to-face contact. If you can encourage this to occur, then you increase the chance that your business will grow via word of mouth recommendations. You should also list your website, telephone number, and details of any social media accounts you have set up to publicise your food business.

If you would like further advice about how to design an effective and attractive vegan food label, you should make contact with a printing and design service today.